Top five onboarding tips

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Blog

Read on for some simple, but effective, onboarding tips to make sure your new member of staff feels engaged from day one.

  1. Get the basics right if they show up and you’re not ready for them, they’re bound to feel undervalued and you’re going to come across as unorganised.  So, the first tip is to have everything ready from the moment they walk through the door – think about their computer, workspace, business cards, software, stationery, documentation etc.
  2. Timing is everything, so plan their inductionA smooth, well-planned induction will help your new team member feel valued and engaged.  As a minimum plan the first month of the induction remembering to make sure you don’t overwhelm new starters on their first day.  Also, remember to keep them busy but ensure no one is left reading through websites, brochures and leaflets for hours on end.
  3. Make introductionsWe know the whole walk around the office can feel a little awkward, but, especially in a bigger business, it’s important to introduce a newbie to the WHOLE team.
    Consider how you will phase these introductions so your new starter won’t feel overwhelmed and everyone avoids those “who are you again?” moments.
  4.  Do lunch!This is a biggie; and weirdly, most companies don’t do it.  On your new starter’s first day, don’t let them lunch alone!  Either ask someone in your team to take them out (their buddy) or plan a team lunch.
  5.  Ensure you are compliant!Finally, whether you are taking on a self-employed associate or a permanent member of staff you must ensure you issue the correct paperwork to protect your business.   Remember,  for anyone you employ you will need to provide them with a written statement of employment particulars within 8 weeks of starting.To recap our onboarding tips, employee engagement begins on day one. Get your induction process right and your team will never look back.