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Recruitment & Talent Management

Great strategy and vision need a great team

Finding the best people for your business is key to its success.  At Holgate HR, we have a combined experience of over 50 years in leading organisations through the entire recruitment process.

We do things a little differently

Recruitment consultants are an option, but are not always cost-effective and often fail to address important factors such as engagement and retention.

As an HR consultancy, we work differently to your average recruitment agency, offering you an end-to-end process, from sourcing great candidates, right through to the on-boarding your new hire.

We also bring our expertise in employment legislation to the table, guiding you through complex discrimination laws and ensuring you are compliant throughout the shortlisting and interview process.

First impressions matter

There's more to recruitment than simply finding the perfect candidate. It’s also about your business standing out so that the perfect candidate chooses you to work for. The hiring process says a lot about the culture of your organisation and has a big influence on the candidates’ decision. 

We’ll make sure your process is transparent, timely and most importantly, reflects everything that’s great about your business.

We recognise that all businesses are unique

We don’t believe in simply selling a package to you. Instead we gain a thorough understanding of your business first, then tailor our services to meet your needs and budget.

To learn more about our approach to recruitment, take a look at our case study.


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Our Recruitment Process

Sourcing Candidates
Source a pool of suitable talent for you to select from, with a focus on providing a fantastic candidate experience.
Assist with the development and positioning of your employment brand. We'll ensure your process is transparent, timely and most importantly, reflects the great things about your business.
Provide sleek administrative support throughout the process, including the the provision of all adverts, job descriptions, and person specifications.
Give you peace of mind when it comes to shortlisting and interviewing. We'll make sure all activities are carried out in line with relevant legislation, including complex discrimination law.
pychometric tests
Deliver and interpret online psychometric assessments to determine both ability and cultural fit.
selection methods
Design and deliver selection methods including both assessment and development centres.
Support you throughout the interview process, providing an external voice and expertise in getting the most out of an interview.
Handle references and employment checks.
Copy of legislation
Take care of all neccessary employment documentation and assist you with the onboarding process.

The Latest from Our Blog
Guidance on notice periods

The Employment Rights Act sets out the statutory minimum notice period that employers are required to give to employees to terminate employment.  
Ideas for team activities

We all know our world changed in March with the lockdown arrangements needed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.  We certainly know the impact this has had on our working lives too.   This week as a team we agreed to give some thought to a different type of team building activity to keep us together even when we are not working together day to day.  We will let you know what activity we decide on and may even post some pics of the madness ….. watch this space!

In the meantime, here are some simple ideas you could do together as a team via Teams, Zoom or Google meet.
HR advice - what can I do if an employee does not wish to return to work?

The law imposes health and safety obligations on employers and these will continue to apply during the coronavirus pandemic.  In line with other health and safety considerations, you will need to show you have complied with your duty of care, conducted thorough risk assessments, implemented safe measures and ensured compliance.  Once this is all in place you can ask your team to attend work or return to work if they have been furloughed.
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