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Performance management is one of the key practices of good HR and people development.  We believe that by getting the performance management system and processes right, it can contribute to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance.

We also share the views of the CIPD in that it is also about establishing a culture in which individuals and groups take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and their own skills, behaviors and contributions.

Finding a winning formula to doing this can often be tricky, but when implemented correctly it can yield many positive results for your business. 

We passionately believe in the benefits of taking an integrated approach to achieving your organisation’s aims and objectives by having a system which helps you to fairly and effectively develop the performance levels of both individuals and teams.  Don’t just take our word for it though. Why not take a look at the testimony below and elsewhere on our website to understand the positive impact that we’ve made with our clients in this area.  Whatever type of appraisal process you are hoping to implement or adapt, we can tailor a performance management solution to meet your exact needs.

Examples of support we can provide for your business includes:

  • An analysis of the effectiveness of your current performance management system.

  • Support with ensuring that your organisation’s business planning process is as effective as possible.

  • Assistance with the development and cascade of SMART Objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

  • Design and implementation of competency frameworks.

  • Design. development and implementation of new performance management / appraisal systems.

  • Coaching & skills development for line managers in the operation of successful appraisal processes, and the effective management of performance.

  • Development of performance-related / contribution – based pay schemes

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performance management
quote We chose Holgate HR to develop our new performance management system, 'Step Up', because we were impressed by the cost-effective, personally tailored HR programme we were offered, which still uses the expertise of a larger consultancy. We’re looking forward to working with them to help us provide an even better working environment for our staff.
Matthew, Operations Director of John Eliot (Footwear) Ltd.

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