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We all know our world changed in March with the lockdown arrangements needed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.  We certainly know the impact this has had on our working lives too.   This week as a team we agreed to give some thought to a different type of team building activity to keep us together even when we are not working together day to day.  We will let you know what activity we decide on and may even post some pics of the madness ….. watch this space!

In the meantime, here are some simple ideas you could do together as a team via Teams, Zoom or Google meet.
Team games
Buy some whiteboards or use A3 paper and join in with a game of Pictionary.
Charades would work well too.
And who doesn’t love a good quiz. 
Obviously you’d need a leader board to clock who’s the winner!   

Team health challenges
These are easy ones to organise – set a challenge on completing ‘x’ number of push-ups, squats, lunges, daily steps.  Even better link this to some charity activity and make donations when you reach your team target.    

Coffee/meal breaks
We know of lots of organisations who are regularly have coffee breaks and lunch dates together.  We’d be lying if we weren’t honest about the online happy hour activities too – hic!  

The key thing here is to relax and talk about anything other than work.

And why not invite your team’s family/partners to join in too – spread the fun a little!

We’d love to hear what have you come up with.  Tweet us your ideas (and photos) to @holgatehr

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