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 10 Years of Holgate HR - 10 Things We Have Learned

The 26th February marked 10 years of Holgate HR - time flies! Thank you to all of our clients, past and present. We've learned a lot in the past decade, so we thought we'd take some time to reflect. Here are just 10 things we have learned.
1. Early mornings and sunrises are truly beautiful (and you’ll see plenty of them as a self-employed person)

2. The support of your family is key!


3. Not all problems are instantly solved


4. Wine definitely helps

5. Crying is ok but laughing is much, much better

Caroline and Andy

6. Getting feedback that you’ve made a difference is the best payment of all

7. Celebrate even the small wins


8. Embrace the challenge of having to learn about new things beyond your area of expertise


9. Perhaps the most important of them all… Always act with integrity

10. Love what you do - 10 years of trading feels like 10 months, so here’s to the next 10!


Thank you to every single individual we have worked with over the years – your custom, support and even friendship means a great deal!
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