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Monday, 19 June 2017
From lip-sync battles to nap rooms at work, who is offering the best perks? And what would you love to see in your workplace?

Many companies offer workplace perks from simple things like staff discounts to far more extravagant rewards for choosing their company when looking for a job. 

We looked into what some companies offer, and what people would like to see them offer, for their hard working employees. You can have a look at the results below! If you would like a PDF version of this infographic you can download it here:

Click here for your very own PDF version of our 'Top Workplace Perks'.
The artwork created in the Storified Art workshop, with some familiar faces from the Entreprenuerial Spark office.
Here at Holgate HR we try to make sure we get involved in fun activities wherever we can! For example last week I (Ruby, Business Development Officer for Holgate HR) took part in a special art workshop run by our friends at Storified Art, where I painted the story of where I hope my future and career to go. We're also encouraged to get involved in fun networking events where possible, including cocktails and canapés at local Japanese restuarant, Aveika, or a delicious Indian meal for lunch with The Curry Club. Getting involved in fun activities like this keeps us motivated, increases employee engagement and means that no week is ever the same!
TOP Workplace Perks
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