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Newsletters - The Dos and Don'ts

Friday, 6 January 2017
Whether you’re new to newsletters or you’re a seasoned sender, here are some simple but effective tips to get the best engagement out of your mailing list.

2017 is upon us and we thought we’d start off with some handy tips about what you should and shouldn’t include in your newsletters. Although we have tried to make sure all the tips can be used universally, one industry will always differ from the next, it’s up to you whether you think your newsletter will benefit.
1. Do create valued content.
The best way of having your newsletters both read and engaged with is to give people content that actually benefits them in some way.

This has a number of forms whether it’s linking useful news articles, offering the subscribers to your newsletter exclusive discounts, or just giving them genuine entertainment. However, you should always try to keep it relevant to your industry and/or business.

It is also healthy to expect unsubscribers with each newsletter that goes out, what is valuable content to one person won’t always be valuable content to the next. When choosing content try to think of who you want to be subscribed to your newsletter – who is your target market and what will they engage with and be happy to receive?

2. Don’t just sell, sell, sell.
Non-stop selling is one of the top ways to lose subscribers to your newsletters; we’ve all received “sales spam”, and we’ve probably all unsubscribed from it too.

There is nothing wrong with showcasing particular products, services or deals that you’re offering but as we learnt from our first “Do”, you should try to still somehow make sure it’s adding value to the recipient. Try to sell products/services in an intriguing and inviting way, and there should always be more to your newsletter content than just selling alone.

3. Do include links to your website and social media.
Hyperlinks are your best friend, so try and use them wherever you see fit. It’s an excellent way to drive traffic onto your website which (hopefully) leads to better business. If you’re looking to build a bigger following on your social media then include links to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. When including hyperlinks it can also be good to use a prompt such as “Follow us here” or “Click here for more information” in order to get higher volumes of traffic to your website and social media accounts.

We use hyperlinks to go back to our News Articles (see below) so if people didn’t catch them when they were first published they don’t miss out – this also doubles up as another example of adding value to the newsletter for your recipients.
Using hyperlinks to go back to our News articles increases site traffic.
4. Don’t write an essay.
Your newsletter doesn’t need to be pages long, and having very lengthy newsletters puts people off reading it in the first place, which means that you’ve only put in extra effort for less gain. Try to make sure your newsletters are fairly succinct and to the point. If you’d like to squeeze in extra information then create an article or page about the subject on your website and hyperlink it within your newsletter instead.

If there’s a particularly big event or announcement then consider making that news the only focal point of your newsletter. This avoids overcrowding the newsletter and it’s been found that having one primary “Call to action” makes it much more likely that your readers will actually engage with it.

5. Do keep it clean and professional.
The last thing you want is your newsletter to be confusing for people to look at. This is off putting for your recipients and it means that even if you have excellent content it’s likely that it will end up not being read by the majority of them.

Try to choose a simple and clean design whilst fitting your business’ style, personality and colour palette. If you’ve got multiple items in your newsletter then try to divide them somehow – we would suggest using subheadings, photos or if all else fails the “Insert Horizontal Line” button will suffice.

We hope you found some of these tips useful, for more News and Business updates subscribe to Holgate HR’s newsletter here:
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