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Increase in ET claims
As predicted the number of employment tribunal claims has increased by 66% in the first quarter since fees were abolished in July.  

All professionals the removal of fees would have an impact, but did anyone predict such an immediate rise?  
Study shows retirees are returning to the workplace
Research by the University of Mancester and King's College London shows that around a quarter of retirees return to work, with most of those heading back to the daily grind within five years of retiring.

Additionally, those with post-secondary qualifications were almost twice as likely to return to work than those with no qualifications.

This raises questions as to whether this points to the changing nature of retirement 
transitions, or does it relate to the options available to supplement savings or retirement income in later life?  

Other commentators are noting the research may have uncovered an issue with people financially having no other option than to work in their golden years.

We'd be interested in your thoughts on this fascinating topic. 
Employment Status in Gig Economies
Over the course of this year and the last we’ve seen a massive rise in the number of employment tribunals related to the status of workers in gig economies, with 2016 seeing a case that the GMB Union described as a “monumental victory” that allowed Uber drivers the same rights as any ordinary worker including holiday and sick pay. 
The Most Important Judgment in Employment Law Over the Last 50 Years
A decision came from the Supreme Court last week that looks like it might be the end of costly Employment Tribunal fees. What does this mean for employers and employees alike? 
Top Workplace Perks
From lip-sync battles to nap rooms at work, who is offering the best perks? And what would you love to see in your workplace?
Mental Health in the Workplace
Mental Health Awareness Week came to a close last week. We invited our close business contact Chris Orrick, founder of ManCoaching, to write a blog for us about mental health in the workplace.
What is HR Outsourcing (HRO), and what are the benefits?
With six in every ten HR professionals reporting that their HR function outsources parts of their work and a huge third of SMEs outsourcing for more complex HR advice we thought we would give you more information on what HRO is, and how it can benefit your business.
Check Your Employment Status for Tax
HM Revenue & Customs have released a new tool that allow you to easily check your employment status for tax purposes, find it here.
Top Tips for Attending a Tribunal
We sincerely hope you won’t ever have to find yourself in a situation where you are called to an Employment Tribunal but if you do need to, we’ve put together our best tips for calming your nerves and how to prepare to ensure that your tribunal hearing goes as smoothly as possible.
Holgate HR's 8th Birthday
February marked Holgate HR’s 8th year in business, and so we thought we’d take a moment to look back on one or two highlights and key events that have led us to where we are today.
Flexible Working Hours for Dads
A recent survey featured in the 2017 Modern Families Index Report found that fathers are looking for more flexible work, and willing to take cuts in pay and responsibility if it means increasing the time they spend with their family. We discussed what employers and employees can do to help.
Fit for Work Scheme, is it Fit for Purpose?
It’s been two years since the term “Fit for Work” was first published onto the NHS website. With long term absence from work continuing to be a growing concern, we ask whether the Fit for Work Scheme has actually made progress.
Newsletters - The Dos and Don'ts
Whether you’re new to newsletters or you’re a seasoned sender, here are some simple but effective tips to get the best engagement out of your mailing list.
HR Trends to Look out for in 2017
2017 is just around the corner, what changes might it bring to the business world?
Mistakes Others Made at their Christmas Parties, so you don't have to
From exposing yourself to your colleagues to cheating on your spouse – here are some mistakes you might want to avoid making at your work’s Christmas do.
What Your Business Needs to Know About the Autumn Statement
Chancellor Philip Hammond recently delivered his Autumn Statement – find out what’s changing, and how it could impact your business.
Employee of the Month
Holgate HR have hired their first employee - meet our Business Development Officer!
National Minimum and Living Wage
The minimum wage changed last month, check that you’re getting and giving the national minimum.
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