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National Sickie Day

Did you know Monday 4th February is also National Sick Day? Statistically, it is the day of the year with the highest rate of sickness absences with an estimated 350,000 people taking the day off work, contributing to the £18 billion cost to the UK economy per year. We offer some top tips for how businesses can manage sickness absences.
1. Know your absence data
Give some thought to how you capture this information as unplanned leave affects your whole organisation not just one individual or one team.    You should be alive to the scale of the problem and be able to identify if there are patterns in terms of timings, frequency of dates, or perhaps certain types of workers are particularly prone to absence.

2. Once you have the data, review your workplace culture
Factors such as stress at work, or at home, can led to absences.  If you find this to be the case, why not consider implementing flexible working (such as unpaid leave, different hours and days working from home) – some simple, innovative, changes can really help your team.
Encourage your management team to review working practices and introduce training and support where required.

3. Develop a clear absenteeism policy
This one is key!  It is so important to be clear about exactly what is acceptable and what support is on offer.
Does your policy give guidance on how many absences are acceptable in a given period of time?    Is it clear what support is available to help address absence issues?

4. Talk to your employee
It is so important you discuss the situation and meet with your employee regarding their sick leave.  We’d strongly recommend this meeting is documented in writing – you may need to re-visit this again if the absence does not improve.

5. Imagination is key
Not all initiatives you implement have to cost.  With a bit of thought you will be able to come up with some solutions that will really work in reducing tricky absenteeism in your workplace.
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