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Mistakes Others Made at their Christmas Parties, so you don't have to

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
From exposing yourself to your colleagues to cheating on your spouse – here are some mistakes you might want to avoid making at your work’s Christmas do.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but how much jolly is appropriate when you’re amongst your colleagues, peers and management? Here are a few mistakes that we can all learn from (and have a giggle at).

1. Too much eggnog
Too much alcohol is the root of almost all other mistakes, both at work’s Christmas party and life in general. During a Senior Women in Policing conference held in Manchester, Police Chief Rebekah Sutcliffe almost faced dismissal after an hour-long alcohol fuelled rant aimed at Superintendent Sarah Jackson.

The rant began due to Sutcliffe’s disapproval of the breast enhancement surgery that her colleague had received, calling Jackson’s decision “silly, vain and frivolous”, reports say that Sutcliffe even went as far as to expose her own chest. Despite a series of apologies a formal complaint was made, with Jackson claiming that the ordeal left her “shocked, mortified, embarrassed and ashamed”.

Luckily for Sutcliffe due to her outstanding track record she managed to avoid dismissal, she did still receive a written warning (and is likely to be feeling a bit embarrassed, we imagine).

2. Kissing a colleague under the mistletoe
It’s not an uncommon story for colleague’s to share a kiss (or more) during their Christmas party. The time of year simply causes people to let their hair down, and often one or two many glasses of wine helps with this.

Sadly, it is also not entirely uncommon for people to cheat on their spouses during a Christmas party. Laura, an accountant in her 30s, cheated on her husband at a Christmas party last year and said she felt so terrible about it that it ruined her Christmas.

Bus drivers were discovered as being the most likely to cheat, with a surprising 55% that were surveyed admitting to cheating on a partner at work’s Christmas party. Out of a survey of 2000 adults just over 10% also admitted to telling their boss that they fancy them at a Christmas party.

So, whether it’s a dent to your reputation or just pure embarrassment, the risks of being over-friendly with other workers at your Christmas party just aren’t worth it.

3. Dodgy Dancing
23% of workers surveyed admit to doing their share of dodgy dancing at their work’s Christmas do. A student confessed to thinking that a Christmas party was an appropriate time to demonstrate what twerking was to her peers – including a lecturer – she said “Everyone was too polite to mention the incident the following term, but I could see in their eyes that they never forgot.

Is inappropriate dancing as bad as exposing yourself or cheating on your spouse? Probably not, however it is still probably going to lead to some regret and embarrassment – best avoided.
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